Our Mission

We desire to be a genuinely relational church, operating in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another. Our mission statement sums up our purpose: We believe a great commitment to the great commandment and the great commission will grow a great church. Therefore we come together to celebrate God's presence through worship, demonstrate God's love through ministry, communicate God's Word through evangelism, incorporate God's family through fellowship and educate God's people through discipleship. We exist to be the church across the street and around the world.

We seek to be a church that strengthens real relationships, with Jesus and each other.  We are a family of believers in Jesus, the chief cornerstone of the church and we desire to proclaim Jesus wherever it is that He sends us.  We understand that we are not perfect people but we serve a perfect Savior.  Our goal is to proclaim the Gospel to our community and encourage, disciple and strengthen each other along the way.  Prayer, teaching/preaching, and fellowship under the truth of the Word of God are central to every part of our ministries.